I grew up on a farm in South-Eastern Massachusetts with a musical blade of grass between my teeth. I was fascinated by the musicals my Dad cherished: Oklahoma, My Fair Lady, etc., and I found it intriguing to try to understand what it was that lay behind my Dadís thrill to project his bold baritone across the marshes that lay between our home and the ocean a mile away.

My Dadís inability to translate musicality into a viable existence notwithstanding, I was drawn to music as a means of expression that could be used to create with. I spent hours listening to and singing along with the musicals on the old 33 rpm records and the 45s that my older brothers and sister had accumulated. I loved the Everly Brothers and the Platters, Elvis and Roy Orbison.

Piano lessons afforded a first chance to exercise any musical leanings on an instrument. That and my neighborís mandolin provided hours of entertainment. Also I have come to realize now that my participation in a youth Square and Country Dance troupe was a rarity many other kids my age knew not what of. It gave me an orientation to the folk genre not many from around here know and an appreciation for the people who created that style of music.

Being a child of the 50s and 60s it wasnít until I found myself unable to find the expressive outlet I had been seeking that I turned to music in earnest as a means of creativity and expression of my disagreement with the material orientation of the world I was growing up in. Taking a summer, I spent hours every day teaching myself the art of finger style guitar, soon taking on gigs to display my new found abilities. Soon after, I spent a year at a classical music school in the Boston area, being accepted on the basis of the finger-style I had learned, as a way to enhance my skills.

Since that time I have continued to work on my guitar technique, always looking for new ideas and musical concepts. Having been a poet throughout my life time, I had often considered writing my own songs, But it wasnít until about 15 years ago, when I felt my guitar work was up to an adequate creative level, that I dedicatedly pursued that side to the art and I have been writing ever since.

One of my dreams throughout my life has been to play and sing harmonies with a complimentary female voice. When I heard Michele sing on a demo she had recorded, I knew that was the sound I was looking for. I insisted we get together and when we did and started working out some songs we both knew that something special was about to begin. As we continue to grow together as a duo I am very excited for the future of this collaboration and I think you will be too when you hear us perform.


I have always felt that music is one of the best things in life and have found it impossible to be away from it for any length of time. Enjoying singing as I do and realizing I have a unique talent for it, I have sung in many choirs and groups from an early age. My mother was a singer and taught us very early on how to harmonize to Christmas carols - a skill I have gotten great enjoyment out of and that has allowed me to become very useful to the groups I have been a part of throughout my life.

I love and have performed all kinds of music, but I feel folk particularly lends itself to great harmonies. In this way I can express a wide range of emotion and infuse life and color into the storytelling that is the essence of a folk song.

With these skills I have found a very comfortable home performing as a member of Two Tone Caddy. I have been able to add something to David's vocals and great songwriting that the audiences really respond to. It has been thrilling performing together and growing as a group. I get very excited thinking about the prospects of our continued creativity.